The circuit consists of 18 tracks. Each player would receive a club and a golf ball. Each group will receive a slip where to report the score. You must play one at time. Each player has 6 throws at most for each hole, after the 6th throw, you must mark 7 and move to the next tracks (one penalty point because you did not score). Aim of the game is to complete the circuit with the least number of throws.

How to play?
Put the ball at any pointof the starting-rectangle at the beginning of the track. Hold strongly the club with both hands. Place yourself in front of the ball and hit it softly keeping your legs lightly parted and bended.
The red line represents an obstacle: – if the ball does not cross it, you must play again from the rectangle; – if the ball crosses it but it goes back again, you can playfrom the line itself (except on the tracks n° 1 and n° 18 where you must always play from the point in which the ball has stopped). If there is no line there (i.e. tracks n° 5, n°6, n° 7, n° 8, n° 14) you must always play from the rectangle (except on the track n° 13 where you must play always from the point in which the ball has stopped).
If the ball goes out of the track: – before the red line, you must play from the rectangle; – after the red line, you can play from the point in which it went out. If the ball stops next to the border of the track or behind an obstacle you can move it up to the nearest point of the black dotted line.